The best president PH never had

Dear MDS,

We chatted over onesies during a 3-day store-wide sale in the bustling SM Cubao. You had three close in security escorts but I managed to get into you because I needed something not for myself but for my friend Ton who adored you big time. You even asked me if green would be good for a baby boy, and I replied “I am not sure because my kids never wear anything except white.” “I will go for white then,” you said.

You held my hand, leaned in to ask what I needed and gladly obliged to my request for an autograph. “What is your friend’s name?” I blurted Ton. “Is he Antonio, can I write Antonio instead of Ton?”

We parted with big smiles and even wished me well for my master’s comprehensive exam. That swift but sheer encounter led to extensive research and reading of your past and present papers, books, journals and even your love and downtime with Heart Evangelista.

We had more than a minute encounter but for some reason I felt connected, encouraged, and valued. This could be a good enough reason to miss you and your love for justice, education, and the law.


grabbed from web. CTO


I voted for you twice as president, by the way.

Backstory : Mirriam Defensor Santiago or MDS served in all three branches of government in the Philippines. Her resume is incredibly awesome. She died in her sleep today. Even in death she never fail to amaze.


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