Sweet Sixteen

I was clueless how to raise you 16 years ago. There was no parenting manual, I was not fully ready to embrace the fact that I am going to be responsible for another human being. But you and I made a great team. You helped me in ways I could never imagine. You assured me many times that you and I will be just fine. Even if at this point you still couldn’t sleep in your room or fold your own clothes, you always had your ways of showing how responsible you are.

You taught me a plethora of growing up stuff I could never learn from someone else. I wish to be that same person who will excitedly listen to your stories at bedtime or during meals. Even when I am white and gray, I wish to still own your pains or carry your burden.

I love you more than what love means. Happy birthday Chi!

Backstory : Chi got her name from  Goo Goo Dolls


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