Reigned by ‘Millennial’ Name to Named in the Millennium Reign

By: Amara Sims

I had embraced my true identity as a Millennial – having an unhealthy addiction to the entertainment industry. I would constantly absorb worldly messages by listening to the popular secular music of the day, by watching the popular Hollywood films of the day, and by reading the popular dystopian novels of the day. I was most definitely not interested in guarding the avenues of the soul. One book series, in particular, got me in severe trouble. Choosing to neglect to help my mother with the many duties and chores about the house, I would read behind my bedroom door; so should my mother venture upstairs I would slam the door shut, leaning all my weight against it to prevent her from entering. I knew full well of her great displeasure with my obsession, and it made me feel guilty.

Though my relationship with my mother was empty on my part, she continued to uplift the Lord’s standard in our home. The battle against the entrance of Satan through the media was revealed to me, and in its place, I reflected on the beauty of holiness and desired to have the purity of Jesus. In this tender moment, the Lord worked through my humble mother in teaching me how to guard the avenues of my soul, lest Satan should gain victory over them. Jesus has won the victory for me every day since. Many youths today also struggle to free themselves from Satan’s snares, but the victory I gain over his temptations daily by faith in Jesus is the self-same victory anyone can claim through Jesus.

No more will I identify myself as a ‘Millennial’ by the world’s definition, but for the hope of living and reigning with Jesus for a millennium in heaven, and forevermore on the earth made new.


Backstory: Amara came to Thailand as an Adventist Volunteer Services (AVS) missionary immediately after her pre-med graduation in Canada. This is her paper for Contextualized Witnessing, part of the Southeast Asia Union Mission teaching certification course that we attended recently.


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