3D 4 2018

My friend D and I decided that our 2018 will start and end with 3Ds. This is not something that we will resolve to do but a theme that will fuel us all through the year. The first D involves a lot of kneeling, communicating, and calling anywhere, anytime. Dasal is a Tagalog word for prayer. The next D focuses on our physical upkeep and ensuring that mindful eating, and exercise is achieved. Finally, the last D centers on giving time, resources, talent, and anything else we can give for others.

During day 1 of 2017, D and some other friends started this themed-naming year that served as our lighthouse for the entire year. I paled in comparison to what I wanted to achieve but at least I had something to guide me while navigating life each day.

May your 2018 be filled with bliss and blessings from above. Happy New Year!

Backstory: While waiting for the new year fireworks atop our building, I noticed the moon was at its brightest and fullest. I learned that the first day of 2018, the supermoon appeared 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than when the full moon is at its farthest point from Earth. (source/space.com)


Reigned by ‘Millennial’ Name to Named in the Millennium Reign

By: Amara Sims

I had embraced my true identity as a Millennial – having an unhealthy addiction to the entertainment industry. I would constantly absorb worldly messages by listening to the popular secular music of the day, by watching the popular Hollywood films of the day, and by reading the popular dystopian novels of the day. I was most definitely not interested in guarding the avenues of the soul. One book series, in particular, got me in severe trouble. Choosing to neglect to help my mother with the many duties and chores about the house, I would read behind my bedroom door; so should my mother venture upstairs I would slam the door shut, leaning all my weight against it to prevent her from entering. I knew full well of her great displeasure with my obsession, and it made me feel guilty.

Though my relationship with my mother was empty on my part, she continued to uplift the Lord’s standard in our home. The battle against the entrance of Satan through the media was revealed to me, and in its place, I reflected on the beauty of holiness and desired to have the purity of Jesus. In this tender moment, the Lord worked through my humble mother in teaching me how to guard the avenues of my soul, lest Satan should gain victory over them. Jesus has won the victory for me every day since. Many youths today also struggle to free themselves from Satan’s snares, but the victory I gain over his temptations daily by faith in Jesus is the self-same victory anyone can claim through Jesus.

No more will I identify myself as a ‘Millennial’ by the world’s definition, but for the hope of living and reigning with Jesus for a millennium in heaven, and forevermore on the earth made new.


Backstory: Amara came to Thailand as an Adventist Volunteer Services (AVS) missionary immediately after her pre-med graduation in Canada. This is her paper for Contextualized Witnessing, part of the Southeast Asia Union Mission teaching certification course that we attended recently.



I am blessed with children who needs little motivation to learn. They are the type who would grab any given situation to learn. Not entirely academic which I am so glad they are not so much into, but practically everything worth retaining for future use. Some are actually mundane and insignificant like watching life hacks on youtube.

I would always tell them to wonder and often time be inquisitive so their memory bank will come in handy when in need. Lately though, I learned that it is not enough to ask but it would yield meaningful results if we ask the right questions. So I have been training them towards that highway of inquiring.

Backstory : Twice in a row for my Sam as gold awardee. I missed the first one because I was in Seoul for another kind of learning.

Morning walk

Today I decided to revive my morning habit of walking to familiar places but expecting to experience and see things differently.

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Backstory : Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” (source google)

A date with Sebastião

He is legendary, iconic, and insanely creative. He is an activist and economist who breath art. In his TED talk he shared that photography is his life and so much more. He did  not only take fleeting moments, he has live his art. His photograph turned into books, tv shows, movies, and powerful advocacy that impacted his country and the world.

“So many times I’ve photographed stories that show the degradation of the planet. I had one idea to go and photograph the factories that were polluting, and to see all the deposits of garbage. But, in the end, I thought the only way to give us an incentive, to bring hope, is to show the pictures of the pristine planet – to see the innocence.”

Sebastião Salgado

I was blessed to personally witness up close his amazing and impressive body of work now on display at the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre. Like all other art exhibitions, cameras were prohibited to protect the copyright of the artist and while my eyes were feasting on the photos, my shutter thumb was restless.

He is an inspiration, my art peg not only for his brilliant captures but also for his passion to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Backstory : Sebastião Salgado is a Brazilian social documentary photographer and photojournalist. He has traveled in over 120 countries for his photographic projects. Most of these have appeared in numerous press publications and books. (source:wikipedia)

Sweet Sixteen

I was clueless how to raise you 16 years ago. There was no parenting manual, I was not fully ready to embrace the fact that I am going to be responsible for another human being. But you and I made a great team. You helped me in ways I could never imagine. You assured me many times that you and I will be just fine. Even if at this point you still couldn’t sleep in your room or fold your own clothes, you always had your ways of showing how responsible you are.

You taught me a plethora of growing up stuff I could never learn from someone else. I wish to be that same person who will excitedly listen to your stories at bedtime or during meals. Even when I am white and gray, I wish to still own your pains or carry your burden.

I love you more than what love means. Happy birthday Chi!

Backstory : Chi got her name from  Goo Goo Dolls

For the Love of Arts

It was a random visit on a lazy Sunday. It was an hour drive from where we live. It did not surprise me that it was almost empty since people these days are happier in the chaotic malls.

Backstory : MOCA or Museum of Contemporary Arts in Bangkok is close to the Chatuchak Weekend Market.